Gyula Horn’s former car was bought!

Gyula Horn’s former car recently changed hands in perfect condition.

Photo: OldTimer/Facebook

A Hungarian company dealing with the renovation and sale of oldtimers managed to buy the black Mercedes-Benz C-class with a very interesting history.

The company a on his Facebook page recalls that in 1994 the Republic Guard Regiment ordered 5 brand new Mercedes-Benz W202 C220 Elegance equipped cars. The four black and one white cars were taken into stock in March 1994. As it is written, the cars were also equipped with radio transceivers and magnetic blue flashing lights.

From the fleet, the car with license plate number COS-978 was a vehicle reserved for Prime Minister Gyula Horn and his family between 1994 and 1998, which was regularly driven by the Prime Minister himself outside of office hours. too.

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