Hadházy: The Orbáns are already squandering the EU funds that have not yet arrived, with a single action they are stealing ten billion forints from public education

Independent Member of Parliament Ákos Hadházy is asking for the public’s help in finding out the details of the “large school laptop distribution” that is currently taking place.

Fidesz is also happy to steal from education, if that’s what it’s all about. Source: Facebook

In the past few days, the students received 120,000 laptops, which were originally financed by the “evil Brussels” in the framework of a HUF 220 billion project – writes on his Facebook page.

According to several sources of the representative, the children were given very poor machines, at a very high price. According to the original project announcement, about 600,000 machines would have been acquired, some of which were already distributed by Fidesz as a campaign campaign before the elections. According to the only available public procurement call, 120,000 machines have now been procured for an amount of approximately HUF 26 billion (+VAT). Each machine therefore has an average of approx. It could cost HUF 220,000.

The public procurement notice conceals the type of machines given to the children. According to the configurations known from the reports of the sources, the machines can be worth at most half of the price paid by the Klebelsberg Center. In other words, some people could steal 10 billion from education at this party alone. In addition, it seems that there is also a type that was never sold in Hungary, as if the task was to desalt an item stuck in a warehouse. However, it is not clear how many types of machines were distributed in total.

Hadházy requests that whose child has access to such a device, a [email protected] write to me the exact type of the machine. He also asks the Klebelsberg Center about this, but he does not have much hope for their answer. The question is what will the Fidesz government pay for the machines with, if the EU funds have not yet arrived. Now it seems that they haven’t even started sending the EU money, but Fidesz is already stealing it professionally.

One more little funny fact: several people indicated that the distribution of the 120,000 machines would have been administered with the help of the registry running on the KRETA system. However, according to several school IT specialists, the system is dead, so the records are kept on paper

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