Has the area extending from El Jadida to Safi become a favorite coast for drug traffickers? – Day 24

With the increase in interceptions of large drug shipments on the road network surrounding the city of El Jadida (100 kilometers south of Casablanca), the first conclusion was that these areas, unfamiliar with drug smuggling activities, were turning into a very important center, especially with the authorities tightening their grip on the coast. North.

Rumors are spreading in these worlds about a rapidly increasing activity of drug smuggling operations from El Jadida and Safi, especially from the coast of Essaouira in this maritime city overlooking the Atlantic. Suspicious movement of convoys of paid vehicles, allegedly carrying consignments of drugs intended for smuggling.

It is believed that the driver of a drug boat that killed three Civil Guard members in an accident last February was operating from these shores.

The authorities are gradually discovering this shift as drug transfers to destinations close to new shores continue to be thwarted. Like the Gharb region, where the coasts from Moulay Bousselham to Mahdia have become an active smuggling area. The killing of the prominent Baron “Tahuna” in a traffic accident in Moulay Bousselham was an indication of a change in drug trafficking areas away from the shores of the north, whose attraction in this business had become a thing of the past.

However, other networks went further south, and by arriving in El Jadida and then Safi, the drug mafia had begun to completely change drug trafficking routes at sea. This area, which is not heavily guarded, as is the case with the northern beaches in this period, has quick access to the vastness of the sea, where the chances of the authorities to conduct serious maneuvers against smuggling boats are limited, and also out at sea, where a large market takes place.

Recently, the Royal Gendarmerie in El Jadida arrested a drug baron, and presented him to the media as such. It was not common to hear of drug barons in these areas until now. This means that the matter is not limited to drug networks moving their activities partially or completely from the north to the south, but rather there are now local organizers in the region.

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