Hassan II refused to name a reform program with a name that matches the name of the Progress and Socialism Party – Today 24

Al-Arabi Zakadouni, the agricultural expert, tells how the late King Hassan II refused to circulate the abbreviated name “abréviation” for the social priorities program that was presented to him in the 1990s so that people would not think that it was the program of the Party of Progress and Socialism.
He added that the abbreviated name that has become common for this program is “PAGE” instead of “PPS,” which matches the abbreviated name of the Party of Progress and Socialism.
Three structural programs emerged from this program, including rural electrification and supplying the rural world with drinking water.
He said during a symposium organized by the Society of Justice and Development Engineers, yesterday in Rabat, “This program was launched out of interest in the rural world, especially after the late King Hassan II announced in a historic speech that Morocco is experiencing a stage of cardiac arrest.”
However, in the opinion of Al-Arabi Zakadouni, this interest was overshadowed by the sectoral approach, including the failure to keep up with the policy of building dams with afforestation by the Water and Forests Department, which caused these water facilities to become muddy.
He also criticized successive governments, including the current government, for dealing with drought by taking measures for a specific period, while dealing requires understanding that the phenomenon of drought is linked to climate changes and not climate fluctuations.
He stated that the climate in Morocco that prevailed during the sixties and seventies has ended, and Morocco is currently facing a new climate.
He called for dealing with these climate changes with a new methodology within the framework of formulating a long-term public policy that does not reduce the valleys to agricultural production only.

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