Hatem Ammor joins Asmaa Lamnawar and refuses to sing in Algeria – Today 24

The Moroccan artist decided on the issue of his acceptance to sing in Algeria, due to the political circumstances existing between the two countries, stressing his complete rejection every time he receives invitations to perform artistic concerts there.

In his last media appearance, the artist revealed his position on singing and holding artistic evenings in Algeria, stressing that he does not accept performing artistic evenings or even traveling to Algeria, due to the political positions and circumstances existing between Morocco and Algeria.

Ammor said in his interview while receiving a question about whether he had a problem with performing artistic concerts in Algeria: “Whoever imposes a siege on us, we will impose a siege on him.”

Moroccan artist Asmaa Al-Munawar previously sparked controversy because of her position on singing in Algeria or accepting any Algerian artistic claim, as she said in one of her media outings, “She refuses in the current period to hold artistic concerts in Algeria, for several reasons, hoping that the situation will be fixed.”

The same spokeswoman continued that her refusal was due to Algeria’s policies. Although Moroccans, from the oldest to the youngest, are peaceful, and that King Mohammed VI, who is considered the highest ruler in the country, extended his hand to reconcile with Algeria with all love and peace, this was met with a reaction from the other party that she described as It is “tasteless.”

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