Hidden corners in the USA and mysterious real estate


20.11.2023 11:37

Singer Alla Pugachevadespite not visiting since 2009 due to problems with long flights, has significant real estate in the United States.

NTV reports that the artist has purchased several apartments in the United States, including real estate in Manhattan. Currently, Alla Borisovna’s grandson lives in one of the apartments on Murray Street, Nikita Presnyakovwith his wife.

Producer Leonid Dzyunik emphasized that living in New York, especially in such a prestigious area, is an expensive pleasure.

“And what will you do in America? Sit in Manhattan? Of course, it’s beautiful. But there you have to… When you come there just as a tourist, and you have money in your pocket, you live well, freely,” Dzyunik noted.

Alla Pugacheva’s family also owns real estate in Miami, where the singer’s daughter Kristina Orbakaite lived with her husband, businessman Mikhail Zemtsov.

However, of particular interest is the office skyscraper on Brickell Avenue, where there is an apartment registered in the name of Alla Pugacheva, but not occupied. Perhaps this is her secret refuge in the United States, where she can settle if she decides to move to this country.

Previously it was named new place of emigration of Alla Pugacheva.

Having lost everything, Pugacheva and Galkin* are forced to buy real estate in Miami, USA

Author Daniil Polonikov

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