how to avoid eye health problems in frosty weather


21.11.2023 17:58

In winter, many people experience an increase in the manifestations of chronic diseases, as well as the emergence of problems directly related to the cold climate. Cold conjunctivitis, sun allergies and other factors can lead to watery eyes and discomfort. Specialists from the Public News Service drew attention to the main causes and ways to prevent these problems.

Cold conjunctivitis

Cold conjunctivitis can occur due to climate changes, infection, or changing seasons. Symptoms include red eyes, watery eyes and itching. For effective treatment, you should avoid contact lenses, avoid makeup, and use sunglasses in strong winds.

Sun allergy

in winter the sun is low on the horizon, which can cause pain and watery eyes. People with light eyes are more susceptible to ultraviolet radiation. Wearing light-colored sunglasses is recommended to protect your eyes in winter.

Strengthening eyes in old age

With age, the tone of the eyelids decreases, and the eyes become more sensitive to temperature changes. Exercises such as rapid blinking can help strengthen the eye muscles and improve comfort.

Dry eye syndrome and other winter problems

Dry eye syndrome, caused by a lack of tear fluid, can worsen in winter due to increased concentrations of automobile exhaust. Artificial tear medications can help protect the cornea of ​​the eye.

Lack of vitamins

Hypovitaminosis, especially a lack of vitamins B2 and potassium, can lead to increased tearing of the eyes. You should include foods rich in these substances in your diet to maintain eye health during the winter.

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