How to avoid overpaying double the price for heat in winter? | November 21, 2023

According to the expert, to heat one apartment building (MCD) a certain amount of heat is required, depending on the subject of the Russian Federation. Thus, in December, the MKD in the south of the country consumes 300 gigacalories during the month, and in the north – 700.

“Windows open and enough heat is lost to heat the house. In houses with an energy efficiency class of D and lower, in the case of open windows, in fact, you can get the same price as for double heating,” Vepretskaya explained, clarifying that with open windows in the entrance at a temperature of minus 15, one hour is enough for the house to completely cool down .

The amount of overpayment for heating, including due to open windows in the entrances, according to Dmitry Osyanin, associate professor of the basic department of financial control, analysis and audit of the Main Control Directorate of Moscow REU named after G.V. Plekhanov, directly depends on the square footage of the apartment and the presence of meters in it heat and tariffs established in a specific subject of the Russian Federation. “On average, the overpayment for each apartment is from 150 to 400 rubles per quarter,” he said.

As Tatyana Vepretskaya noted, in order to combat heat loss in common areas, management companies deliberately remove handles from windows in the entrance for the entire heating period or install locks so that they cannot be opened. Oleg Timko, technical director of the Comfort group, called such measures necessary because they will avoid freezing and rupture of the heating riser.

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