Hungarian mercenaries are being recruited into the Russian army – All this in a NATO member state

The organization promises a high salary – a specific amount is not mentioned – and Russian citizenship to those who join them.

“Combat experience is welcome, but not necessary, we teach everything”

– with these words he begins the recruitment the organization called Saint Stephen’s Legion, which started mobilizing in September, and since then they have continued their activities more and more actively: “Dear friends, we are restoring the recruitment of volunteers. All organizational issues that arose before have been resolved. The supply has been created. The recruitment of volunteers is open again” they announced the news.

Russian mercenaries Photo: X

The legion announces in its invitation that members of all nations are welcome,

but the Hungarians have priority in the mercenary team fighting against the Ukrainians.

And how correct this expression is, shows that the organization promises a high salary – a specific amount is not mentioned – and Russian citizenship to those who join them – Blikk reported on all of this.

Recruitment continues on the Russian social media site Vkontekt, and posts are published in Russian and Hungarian on a daily basis. In addition to the recruitment of new fighters, they also report on the daily news, of course mostly from a Russian perspective, but they also write about Budapest, which is called the jewel box of Europe, and there is also an article glorifying King Matthias on the site. And of course there is also a message to Ukrainian soldiers describing how to surrender to the Russians.

– Password/call sign – Volga. Call, wait for the answer, enter your coordinates. Call the Volga and save your life!

– they are agitating the Ukrainian soldiers. The prisoners of war of Hungarian origin are promised that they will not be extradited to Ukraine, and that they will be taken to Hungary.

As we know, two Hungarian men connected to the group who served in Donetsk on the Russian side: Csaba Zsédely and Lajos Deme they also appear in some photos taken in the area in 2018 and they are mentioned as volunteers. The two men are currently being rounded up by the Hungarian police for illegal recruitment, but they could not provide us with any more information than that.

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