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Igor Nikolaev

Igor Nikolaev


Having had two heart attacks Igor Nikolaev preparing for a new heart operation. The fact is that the artist got worse.

Igor Nikolaev has been in the hospital for several days. 63-year-old singer and composer was urgently hospitalized due to heart problems. Doctors save him in intensive care.

They say the maestro suffered another massive heart attack. If the diagnosis is confirmed, this will be Igor Yuryevich’s third heart attack.

In February 2023, the musician received two stents. Cardiologists recommended a gentle regime for the artist, but he returned to work. Now he felt worse. There are rumors that Nikolaev’s heart problems arose due to alcohol abuse, reports NTV.

The famous composer is being treated by the best doctors, but his condition is worsening. No one is allowed into his room, not even his closest relatives.

The tours of the national pop master have been cancelled. Star’s wife Yulia Proskuryakova no contact.

Fans are worried about Nikolaev. According to the public, he has long “looked bad and has become very fat.”


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