Immunologist Zhemchugov explained what can contribute to the appearance of protracted ARVI


21.11.2023 23:10

There are reports that Russians are expressing concern about the unusually long duration of viral infections. The media are actively discussing the phenomenon of “protracted ARVI” – unusually long-lasting respiratory infections, such as Covid or a cold.

In Britain, researchers note that “long colds” are becoming common, similar to “long Covid.” This condition is characterized by long-lasting symptoms in those who have had acute coronavirus infection. Russian sources also report cases of long-lasting colds among citizens.

Immunologist Vladislav Zhemchugov points out that this may be the result of simultaneous infection of the body with several types of infections, such as coronavirus, influenza and whooping cough. He emphasizes the need to consult a doctor if there are signs of ARVI and notes that each case of a long course of the disease must be analyzed individually.

Dmitry Bykov / Vladislav Zhemchugov (immunologist). How to strengthen your immune system

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