in 2024, new “hot spots” may emerge in the world


29.12.2023 13:19

NBC News analysts warned in a special material that amid the ongoing wars in Ukraine and Gaza, an unprecedented number of potentially “catastrophic” conflicts are going unnoticed.

The UN estimated in October that more than 114 million people have been displaced by wars and conflicts around the world.

Isabel Arradon, director of research at the International Crisis Group, told CNBC earlier this month that the number of casualties from conflicts around the world has reached its highest level since 2000.

Sudan is one such place. In April 2023, fighting broke out there between the country’s two military factions. Internationally mediated peace talks in Saudi Arabia have failed to produce a solution. The conflict has now escalated into a “large-scale urban war” that attracts “minimal” international attention and poses a serious risk of regional spread.

NBC News also reports that a “hot spot” is possible in Rwanda. The political instability comes amid ongoing armed conflict in eastern DRC and widespread poverty ahead of further regional elections early next year.

There is also currently a civil war going on in Myanmar. It began after a military coup in February 2021, and the subsequent brutal crackdown on anti-coup protests has triggered an escalation of long-standing insurgencies by ethnic armed groups across the country.

Previously reported that the Palestinian Hamas movement has refused a truce with Israel unless it lasts more than two weeks. Hamas rejects any truce lasting less than 14 days.

Author Ilya Klyuchnikov

Ilya Klyuchnikov is a journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service.

Curator Oleg Artyukov

Oleg Artyukov – journalist, columnist for the politics department of Pravda.Ru

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