In Australia, a missing fish with paws was accidentally discovered | September 21, 2023

During her morning jog, Australian resident Kerry Yar noticed an unusual animal on Primrose Sands beach. “It looked like a small pufferfish or toadfish, which I’ve seen a lot of, but when I looked closer I recognized its little paw-shaped fins,” the runner added.

How writes Daiy Star, scientists have identified the creature as the endangered spotted handfish Brachionichthys hirsutus. The last time the sea animal was seen was 20 years ago.

Carly Devine from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) said there are only 2,000 of these bizarre creatures left in the world. Scientists are doing their best to save fish from complete death – they create comfortable artificial spawning grounds, and breed a separate population in aquariums.

Recently it became known that in Japan again research caught sea “monster”. It was previously believed that the mysterious creature was a modern dinosaur.

Olesya Mayevskaya

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