In the Ministry of Agriculture’s 2.2 billion bribery scandal, the threads lead all the way to Kristó Nobilis

An interesting twist took place at a September trial of the criminal trial, which was started because, according to the prosecution, 2.2 billion forints were paid to two law firms at a back office of the Ministry of Agriculture without performing any meaningful work, wrote Direkt36.

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A document was presented at the court in Aszékesfehérvár, according to which the law firms transferred HUF 1.2 billion to the Swiss bank account of an offshore company in Panama through a Hungarian company.

It emerged from the Swiss papers that Kristóf Nobilis, a billionaire who also does business with close government circles, is the authorized signatory official of the offshore company. However, before the document was presented, one of the defendant’s lawyers specifically argued against the presentation of the document, saying that the Direkt36 author, who was the only journalist present at the hearing open to the press, should not get to know the contents of the bank papers.

However, the judge rejected this argument.

According to the investigative portal’s article, in addition to the offshore thread, Nobilis is also linked to Robson by the fact that in the documents, two companies previously in his interest were also named as “beneficial partner companies” of the owner.

According to the prosecution, Nobilis informed the Swiss bank in advance that money would arrive in Robson’s account.

Source:, Direct36

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