In the Orenburg region, a dog killed more than 30 animals

A court in the Buzuluksky district of the Orenburg region considered a claim for compensation for damage caused by a dog that attacked a herd of livestock. The animal owner lost 20 sheep and 14 lambs. This civil lawsuit was filed by a resident of the Kurmanaevsky district against a fellow villager, from whom she asked the court to recover an amount to compensate for losses. This woman owns her own farm, where she raises sheep, and this is her only source of income. On the night of January 11-12 last year, a neighbor’s dog got into a pasture where the woman’s sheep and lambs were. The animal attacked 20 sheep and 14 lambs, which were seriously injured and died. The total damages suffered by the woman amounted to 205,000 rubles, and she also lost the expected income from the sale of meat from these animals in the amount of 682,000 rubles.

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