In the State Duma Committee on Health: prolonged ARVI is explained by complications


21.11.2023 23:19

Russians increasingly began to complain about protracted ARVI. However, in this case, most likely, what is meant is not the disease itself, but the complications that it causes. So says the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection Alexey Kurinny.

“Rather, we are not talking about a protracted acute respiratory viral infection, but about complications of infection in the form of bronchitis, pharyngitis and others,” said Kurinny, who quotes Gazeta.Ru.

The deputy explained that it is important to follow the doctor’s advice and complete the course of treatment.

Kurinny added that when the body is weakened, one infection can be superimposed on another, as a result of which the illness seems especially long-lasting.

Earlier, MK reported about complaints from Russians about a “protracted acute respiratory viral infection,” which can last for months without being a coronavirus, which is confirmed by negative tests.

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