in the video with the Ukrainian Armed Forces tank they saw “something sinister”

Kyiv transferred several to the line of combat contact German tanks Leopard 1A5, not equipped with additional protection.

According to the reviewer Forbes David Ax, Ukrainian troops sent tanks to the front without additional armor and systems that protect against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The journalist refers to a video posted on the Internet, which shows a Leopard located not far from the contact line.

“If there is something sinister in this video from Leopard 1A5, which, apparently, was filmed near the front line in Ukraine,” the author of the material emphasized.

He noticed that brick dynamic protection against various types of ammunition was also missing on the German tank transferred to the Ukrainian army. As the observer explained, the Leopard 1A5 is the most unprotected tank in the conflict zone.

Previously Australian Colonel Markus Reisner stated that Leopard tanks did not help the Ukrainian Armed Forces in any way and did not change the situation on the contact line.

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