Iranian sedan Iran Khodro Dena goes on sale on the Russian market


21.11.2023 19:14

Several large dealership centers in Russia have begun selling the new Iranian sedan Iran Khodro Dena, which is not officially represented on the Russian market and enters the country under a parallel import scheme. A correspondent for the REX news agency found out the prices for the new product.

Prices for Iran Khodro Dena vary depending on the configuration, taking into account various discounts, and range from 1 million to 1.7 million rubles. For example, the four-door Iran Khodro Dena with a 1.7-liter engine and 150 hp. s., with a six-speed automatic transmission, is available at a price higher than the top-end equipment of the domestic Lada Vesta. Cost of Lada Vesta Sportline with a 118 hp engine. With. is approximately 2.2 million rubles for comparison.

In addition, Russian buyers are offered another model from the Iranian automaker – Iran Khodro Tara, a modification of the Peugeot 301 with an engine power of 113 hp. With.

The expert community claims that the appearance of Iranian and new Chinese brands on the Russian market will not arouse strong interest from consumers. The market is waiting for the normalization of the situation with prices, which have increased significantly after the departure of European brands.

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