Is it possible to save on skincare products and how to do it correctly – explains the expert

The expert considers the possibility of optimizing costs for cosmetic care products and gives advice on effectively managing this process


02/13/2024 06:32

Dermatologist Elena Dobrogorskaya considers the issue of saving on cosmetics, pointing out that the price does not always correspond to the quality of the product.

The beauty industry has an individual approach to assessing the cost of products, and expensive brands do not always provide high quality. She notes cases where even expensive creams do not justify their price with their composition and effectiveness, and recommends paying attention to the ingredients.

Professional cosmetics, as a rule, are more justified in price, since they are developed with the participation of cosmetologists and contain more active ingredients. She also claims that products costing from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles can be of high quality; it is not necessary to choose only expensive brands.

For budget-friendly products, she recommends looking at quality basic care lines, as well as certain brands such as The Ordinary, Christina, Holy Land and Dr. Spiller. Regarding cleansers and toners, she believes that there is no need to skimp, since quality cleansing plays an important role in skin care. She also gives advice on choosing scrubs and masks, emphasizing the importance of quality ingredients.

For eye care, she believes that you can choose more affordable creams, pointing out the importance of ingredients such as caffeine, carnitine and ceramides.

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