Isa ridiculed Guf’s ex-wife for her love of money

Blogger Aiza-Liluna Ai publicly condemned the ex-wife of rapper Guf on her social networks for her excessive love of money in her relationship with the musician.

She did not directly call the name Queen, but her reference to the girl’s recent words is obvious. So, Isa wrote that she would like to be in a world where people stopped pretending.

“I wish I could find myself in a world where people stopped pretending to be cute little puppies. Where people can see and realize their true human qualities. Sincerely admit that money is more important to them than anything else in the world, more important than family, friends, and even more important than themselves. If only people would stop blaming others and look inside their empty black bottom,” the social media star wrote.

She noted that the Queen did not give anything in the relationship, but only took, as she was interested in the picture on social networks and the “clink of coins.”

In turn, Guf’s ex-wife wrote on a blog about her bad attitude after the rapper’s words about divorce.

“I wish I could find myself in a world where people stopped spreading rot, using and humiliating each other. Where truth and love triumph. But, alas, all of the above is nothing compared to our social networks, where everyone cares about your photos in a swimsuit,” wrote the Queen.

Previously rapper Guf told the truth about your feelings for your ex-wife.

Author Alexander Shevtsov

Alexander Shevtsov – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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