It has just arrived: Brussels has already “launched an attack” against the national consultation

Brussels has launched an attack on the national consultation and is doing everything to silence the Hungarian people, Zoltán Kovács, the state secretary responsible for international communication and relations, said on the X social media site on Monday.

Photo: MTI/Zoltán Máthé

In his post, Zoltán Kovács responded to the statements of the European Commission’s chief spokesperson, Eric Mamer, on Monday, according to which the Hungarian government’s claims regarding the national consultation concerning the EU body are “completely untrue”.

The Secretary of State stated that he must respond to Eric Mamer’s statement that: Brussels wants to settle migrants in Hungary, Brussels wants to give more money and more weapons to Ukraine, wants to abolish the Child Protection Act and the utility reduction, the provisions on the freezing of interest and the extra profit tax. In addition to these, he wants to influence Hungarian politics with Brussels and other overseas money, and also wants to allow genetically modified Ukrainian grain.

“Brussels doesn’t like that Hungary doesn’t dance the way they whistle,” added Zoltán Kovács in his message.

Eric Mamer, in response to a journalist’s question at the usual daily press conference of the European Commission, said, among other things, that President Ursula von der Leyen was “uneasy” when she saw her face on the poster of the Hungarian national consultation. At the same time, he fully trusts that the Hungarian public will judge the activities of the Brussels board based on objective and factual information.

“We invite all Hungarian citizens who want to find out about EU policies to review EU information sources in order to form their own opinion,” said the European Commission’s chief spokesperson.

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