Kadyrov gave advice to those who spread rumors about his illness


09.17.2023 15:41

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov dispelled rumors about his illness. To this end, the politician published a video on his Telegram channel, showing him walking in the rain.

And for those who easily believe rumors, head of Chechnya advised me to follow his example and spend more time in the fresh air, as well as devote time to physical activity.

“I strongly advise everyone who cannot distinguish truth from lies on the Internet to take a walk in the fresh air and put their thoughts in order,” Kadyrov wrote.

Before this, Kadyrov had already said that the information that appeared on the Internet about his “incurable disease” greatly amused him. The head of Chechnya assured everyone that he was absolutely healthy and recommended that those who spread such rumors pay a visit to a psychiatrist.

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