Kim Jong-un arrived in Russia on an armored train

Comrade Kim arrived on his signature armored train.

Comrade Kim arrived on his signature armored train.


Arrival video Kim Jong-un the Minister of Nature posted on his Telegram channel Alexander Kozlov. Four years ago, when the head of the DPRK came to Russia, he was the one who met the politician. True, at that time Kozlov was the head of the Ministry of Eastern Development. Apparently, the official had a good relationship with the North Korean leader, so he was sent to the border again.

“Bridge over the Tumannaya River. The Russian Federation and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have been strong friends for 75 years. All these years we have supported and helped each other not only as neighbors, but also as close associates,” Kozlov wrote in a telegram.

Comrade Kim arrived in his branded armored train green with a yellow stripe. At the Khasan station the platform is not at the level of the doors, so a wooden staircase was specially built to welcome the dear guest. Railings, balusters and plywood steps are in the best country traditions. But the red carpet set the style of the entire structure.

When the leader of the DPRK began to walk up to the station from the platform, a military band began to play.

Most likely a stop at Khasan station won’t be long. Last time, after a formal and solemn meeting, the politician returned to the train and went to Vladivostok. Since Vladimir Putin is now on Russky Island, near the city, Kim Jong-un will most likely repeat his previous route.

Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov spoke about the upcoming meeting of politicians:

– This will be a full-scale visit – negotiations between delegations. Afterwards, if necessary, the leaders will continue the one-on-one conversation.

There is information that the head of the DPRK would like to visit the Vostochny cosmodrome. At the plenary session of the EEF, Putin also mentioned his plans to go there.

“I have my own program there, you’ll find out when I get there,” the president said.

For Vladimir Vladimirovich, visiting Vostochny after the EEF has literally become a tradition. He does this every year after completing his program at the forum.


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