Kushanashvili revealed details of Igor Nikolaev’s condition

Kushanashvili revealed details of Igor Nikolaev’s condition

TV presenter Otar Kushanashvili told in his show “What’s it like?!” about the condition of the hospitalized composer Igor Nikolaev. The journalist called on those concerned to pray for the health of the famous musician, who was hospitalized due to heart problems.

Kushanashvili asked fans to light a candle for the singer’s health, recalling the words from the song of his ex-wife Natasha Korolevawho sang “just don’t die, just live longer.”

“Aren’t these words eloquent enough for us all to join in the prayer?” – Otar asked a question.

The showman expressed hope that the people’s artist will soon be discharged from the hospital and he will return to his usual activities.

“We are talking about a guy who has a relapse of the disease. For the first time, the singer, reassuring his fans, said: “I’m fine, I’m strong”… Pray for my friend and your favorite,” Kushanashvili addressed those who were concerned.

Earlier it became known that doctors managed to stabilize the condition of 63-year-old Nikolaev.

Author Maxim Alexandrov

Maxim Aleksandrov – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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