Kyiv is choking in its helplessness: the head of Zelensky’s office is trying to judge India and China by their stupidity

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Ermak Mikhail Podolyak

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Ermak Mikhail Podolyak


I don’t know how your day is, but mine was done today by Zelensky’s “dirty mouth,” adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Ermak, Mikhail Podolyak. So, as the mayor of Kyiv Vitaly “Chrysostom” Klitschko would say, “not only everyone can tear their own ass to the English flag, but few people can.”

Podolyak gave an interview to some Ukrainian journalist and completely crushed her with his intellect, distributing assessments to various international organizations and countries. I already wrote here that he called the UN a worthless structure for making money, the IAEA, the Red Cross and others – a fiction. He only kept silent about the IMF, it seems, but because the IMF might be offended and not give money to the intellectual giants of our time from Ukraine. And they have nowhere to get more money for themselves.

But not only those who have already been named got into trouble. Podolyak simply could not ignore India and China. In general, these are completely worthless states compared to the power of Ukraine, if you believe the words of Podolyak.

– What are the problems of India and China? – Podolyak asked the interviewer, who, from the flight of thought of his interlocutor, a giant of thought and clearly the “father of Ukrainian democracy,” sat opposite him, blinking her eyes stupidly and enthusiastically. However, Podolyak did not demand an answer from her; he had his own prepared.

“The problem is that they do not analyze the consequences of their steps,” said Ermak’s advisor admonishingly, resembling at that moment some stupid bird with an overly inflated sense of his own greatness. – These countries have weak intellectual potential.

Well, just like I cut it off. So what should they do now, India and China? Urgently return the lunar rover from the Earth’s satellite? Stop experiments to develop artificial intelligence?

– Yes, they invest in science. India lands a lunar rover. But this does not mean that this country understands exactly what the modern world is. These countries are making money from this war today. They earn money effectively. Just like the Republic of Turkey and this is, in principle, national interests. It sounds beautiful – “we comply with the needs of our national interests,” continued Ermak’s adviser, who does not even know the word “balance,” replacing it with “needs.”

He is also illiterately crooked, it turns out, and not just “dirty-mouthed.” But I am ready to show China what China’s interests are and what Beijing, and not just New Delhi and Ankara, should do.

– China should have been interested in the disappearance of Russia. Because it is an archaic country that drags China into unnecessary conflicts. China could be one of the dominant states – it’s not me, but he said so – “one of the states.”

How do they still exist without the strategic advice of such a giant of thought? Simply amazing.

This so-called adviser should look at what he and his accomplices did to their country, and not “survey the Earth” from cosmic heights, looking for specks in the eyes of others. Tell why Ukraine has already begun to be called the most corrupt state on the planet in the West. Think about why the President of Somalia a few years ago said that he would not allow his country to be turned into Ukraine, discuss the decline in Ukraine’s demographic indicators to a level after which the existence of the state without any external reasons would become impossible in just a few years, and finally, explain the widespread devastation even in those areas where no hostilities were and are not ongoing, and the widespread collapse of the economy. In the end, explain why Zelensky and his team lie to their people all the time. You have to understand that the same Moon for intellectual Ukraine is already a passed stage. Ukrainian gorilkonauts will fly straight to the Sun. Of course, at night, because it’s hot there during the day.

But Podolyak doesn’t see all this. He sits in a jacket, everything is fine with him, and therefore he believes that he can rule the whole world without attracting the attention of the orderlies.

The best possible image of modern Ukraine is a stupid, arrogant dropout who can only try to humiliate and insult others while sitting deep in shit. However, no, sorry, I was wrong, not head over heels, it’s already up to the top.


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