Lena Lenina is going to sue for sexual harassment

Now Lena doesn’t go to male massage therapists, only to ladies.  Photo: social networks.

Now Lena doesn’t go to male massage therapists, only to ladies. Photo: social networks.

Writer Lena Lenina found herself in an unpleasant situation while vacationing in a five-star hotel in Switzerland. During a massage session, she was sexually harassed by the massage therapist. Lenina is extremely indignant and does not intend to leave this situation unpunished. The writer said that she was going to sue the hotel employee.

According to Lenina, during the massage the man repeatedly and obviously touched her most intimate parts.

“At first it seemed to me that he accidentally touched me in the lower abdomen. And I thought that I was imagining things. Then it happened again. But I didn’t believe that this was possible in such a decent place. I often get massages in the spas of cool hotels, believing that for such a lot of money, and it costs three times more than in massage parlors, I will get maximum quality and professionalism. And when the massage therapist continued and for the third time obviously touched me where it shouldn’t have been, my doubts disappeared. I apologized and, citing a sudden headache, went to change clothes,” Lenina told KP.

Lena is indignant, because she did not give the slightest reason for such depraved actions. According to her, the staff in expensive hotels is always extremely polite and does not indulge in excess. Although exceptions, of course, happen.

“Maybe some young guys, massage therapists in expensive establishments, earn additional income of an intimate nature, or some of their clients force them to do this, I heard all sorts of things, but it was extremely unpleasant for me. This is the case when he is to blame, but I am ashamed,” says the writer.

It will not be easy to prove indecent behavior of spa employee Lenina in court, since video recording is prohibited in massage rooms. And the hotel administration may decide that they are extorting money. However, Lena does not intend to forgive the offender and wants to punish him according to the law. The writer has already consulted with her lawyer and is preparing documents for the court.


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