Lev Leshchenko spoke about the condition of Nikolai Dobronravov in the last days of his life


09.17.2023 15:21

Laureate of the USSR State Prize, songwriter Nikolay Dobronravov Just a few days ago I felt fine. This was announced by People’s Artist of the RSFSR and singer Lev Leshchenko in an interview with

The singer expressed deep sorrow over the passing of this great poet.

“The greatest poet, man, citizen, personality has passed away. Over the 50 years that we walked together along life’s paths, there were some kind of family relationships, not only creative ones. Very sad news. What happened shocked us all. We are discouraged “, Leshchenko said.

The singer also shared that he and Dobronravov were constantly in touch and met every two to three months. They were Dynamo fans. Leshchenko emphasized that now his emotions are overwhelming.

He noted that Dobronravov was a passionate person. His song metaphors, such as “Hope” and “We can’t live without each other,” have become part of the national culture and history of Russia.

“This is an example of a high artistic attitude to art and moral principles of life. Bright people who lived honestly, decently and without sullying their lives. An example of morality in our country. Not to mention an example of longevity in terms of family life,” Leshchenko concluded.

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