List of beautiful waterfalls and waterfalls in West Java

Indonesia is indeed a country with a million natural charms that need not be doubted. Starting from mountains, beaches, sea, forests, parks, and waterfalls. Some of these natural attractions have been managed as tourist objects, and some are still natural.

This time, Hipwee will spoil those of you who want to take pictures or play in a waterfall in West Java which is beautiful and still quite natural. Perfect for a weekend getaway. Where are they? Come on, explore together!

1. Cities Waterfall

Curug is a term for a waterfall in Sundanese. Pasundan people are more familiar with waterfalls than waterfalls. Waterfall or waterfall Citiis at the foot of Mount Guntur has become a favorite place for tourists in Garut. Even though it is pretty popular, Curug Citiis is worth your visit because of its natural charm, which is still very raw.

To go to this waterfall with a height of up to 10 meters, you must first go to the sand mining location to park your vehicle. After that, walking to this natural paradise at the foot of Mount Guntur won’t take long. Guaranteed, you can restore your mind without the need for considerable costs!

2. Dago Waterfall

Apart from presenting stunning natural beauty, Curug Dago has historical value. There is a stone inscription left by the Thai kingdom in 1818 AD. Evidence that the king of Thailand at that time had visited the archipelago. Currently, the building is maintained and preserved as a historical heritage.

Back to its natural beauty, Curug Dago has relatively easy access for you to go through. Even though the location is hidden and somewhat tricky, your tiredness will be rewarded as soon as you arrive at the waterfall, flanked by two relatively high cliffs.

This waterfall, with a height of almost 12 meters, has water that is not very good for you to bathe under. But at least you can take selfies or selfies with your boyfriend, friends, and family. Interested?

3. Lalay Waterfall

In Sundanese, Lalay means bat. And Curug Lalay is inhabited by many bats hanging on the left side of the waterfall. Hence, the waterfall located in the Juanda Forest Park area was named Curug Lalay.

This waterfall which has a height of 30 meters, is located in the valley. Access to this waterfall is somewhat tricky. You must carefully walk to visit this waterfall at 1800 meters above sea level.

Because the path you are going through is quite steep. It would be best to walk through people’s plantations, along rivers, and up and down hills and valleys. And there are still very few tourists who stop by this waterfall! Hmm. Interesting right?

4. Curug Tilu Leuwi Opat Cimahi

Called Curug Tilu because this waterfall has three levels. Tilu in Sundanese means three. Yes, this waterfall consists of three terraced waterfalls. The first or upstream waterfall is Tilu Parapongpong Waterfall, often called Putri Layung Waterfall. Even though this waterfall is smaller, the pool of water underneath has a depth that is quite dangerous for you to bathe in.

The next waterfall is the Kecapi Waterfall. This waterfall is relatively short and has a reasonably small water discharge, so the water flow is apparent, and you can swim in this pool. The last waterfall is named Curug Sawer.

Curug Tilu not only presents stunning natural scenery. There are many biological activities that you can enjoy here. You can go rafting, outbound, camping, and even play paintball. With only 7,000 rupiahs, you can enjoy all the beauty in Kampung Ciwangun, Cihanjuang Rahayu Village, Parangpong District, West Bandung Regency, West Java. Interested in taking a vacation?

5. Waterfall in the area of ​​​​Mount Manglayang

You can visit six waterfalls in the area of ​​Mount Manglayang, a mountain located east of the city of Bandung. The six waterfalls are Batupeti waterfall, Papak waterfall, Panganten waterfall, Kacapi waterfall, Dampit waterfall, and Leknan waterfall. Wow, one way, you can enjoy six waterfalls at once!

With IDR 5,000, you can enter this waterfall tourist spot. If you want to bring your vehicle, the entry fee is not up to Rp. 20,000. What is the meaning of an entrance ticket if you can be spoiled with six waterfalls in one place at once?

The first waterfall is Curug Batupeti. This waterfall is known as the place where the legendary Sangkuriang put his tools to make boats. For the record, the Mount Manglayang area is indeed synonymous with the legendary Sangkuriang story.

Moving to the next waterfall, you should walk along the river bank instead of climbing the cliff. Because through this river, you can enjoy natural panoramas you can’t find in your city. After all, passing by the river is faster, and the path is less convoluted. Curug Papak is the second waterfall in a series of waterfalls on this mountain.

6. Cimahi Waterfall

Curug Cimahi comes from the name of the river that flows over it, namely the Cimahi River, which originates in Lake (Situ) Lembang and flows into Cimahi City. This waterfall which has a height of 87 meters, is located at an altitude of 1050 meters above sea level, with temperatures ranging from 18-22 degrees Celsius. It’s pretty cold. Brrr!

This waterfall has been around for a long time and is frequented by tourists. However, Perhutani, the agency responsible for managing this waterfall, made a few innovations. To increase visitors’ interest, Perhutani added a light effect reflecting off this Cimahi waterfall.

How beautiful it looks at night. For this reason, Perhutani has also built two vie decks for visitors to enjoy the sparkling serenity from afar of the Pelangi Waterfall.

Only the name change makes this waterfall, which is located not far from Bandung Adventrsity, even more interesting to visit. There is also a prayer room and toilet for those of you who stay there. Access to this waterfall is also getting better. So, you don’t need to bother walking with challenging tracks. Have a nice evening picnic, Guys!

7. Leuwi Hejo Waterfall

Apart from Puncak and Sentul, Bogor also has other natural beauty that is no less beautiful. Curug Leuwi Hejo has become the prima donna of the City of a Thousand Angkots. This waterfall is the leading destination for local tourists, located at Wangun Cileungsi Village, Karang Tengah Village, Babakan Madang District, Bogor. Why? Because access to this waterfall is so easy. You can go through Sentul City, Babakan Madang, or via Pasir Mukti, Citeureup.

For the beauty of the panorama that is presented, you don’t need to doubt it. Even though it doesn’t have a height like other waterfalls, Curug Leuwi Hejo, also known as Curug Bangkok, has its allure. This relatively mini waterfall has a pool of water that holds a narrow stream of water, but the water is evident and greenish because of the reflection of the leaves that cover it.

Those waterfalls can be your reference for a vacation in West Java. Please keep the natural environment around the waterfall clean. You don’t want it; this wild waterfall is damaged and no longer looks cool.

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