List of Cool & Enchanting Bays on the Island of Java

When you were in school, you might often get questions from your teacher about the differences between bays and peninsulas. Yup! The bay is a part of the water that juts into the land so that all three sides are bounded by land, while a cape or headland is the other way around.

Because of this location, the bay is generally used as a port area where ships dock. But did you know that the beauty of the bays in Indonesia can also attract tourists? Especially on the island of Java, these bays are the prima donna because of their beauty.

A bay on the island of Java that has a beautiful enchantment

1. Green Bay

Teluk Hijau, or Teluk Ijo or Green Bay, is a famous destination in Banyuwangi. Offering natural attractions in the form of a bay surrounded by green forests, white sand, and green sea water – the main attraction for tourists.

In the past, visitors only enjoyed this bay from a distance to Meru Betiri National Park. From the top of the hill, this bay does look so charming. But now, many tourists are interested in going straight to the beach in Green Bay. However, even though the panorama is breathtaking, tourists are asked to be careful because the waves in this beach area are pretty ferocious.

2. Turtle Bay

According to the narrative of the local community, the beach here was once home to turtles, so it is called Turtle Bay. It’s a shame because of the dense traffic of private boats; the turtles that usually lay their eggs in this area choose to migrate to Bali and Lombok.

Having an area of ​​​​approximately 18 hectares with beautiful views and cool air, Turtle Bay is visited by many tourists. Coupled with the historical heritage of Fort Pendem, this destination is worth a visit. Not far from Turtle Bay, there is also Nusakambangan Island, which is the detention center’s location.

3. Awur Bay

Jepara has a bay called Teluk Awur, a favorite destination for tourists visiting Jepara. Located in Telukawur Village, which is approximately 4 km from the center of Jepara City, there are many mangrove trees on this beach that function as abrasion barriers and provide shade.

This area is rarely passed by ships so that the cleanliness and clarity of the water can be maintained. Apart from being a tourist destination for Jepara residents, the number of tourists who come is no less. Traditional events are often held, at certain times, which are very interesting to watch.

4. Popoh Bay

Popoh Bay or Popoh Beach is included in the Besuki District area south of Tulungagung City, East Java. Located on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Popoh Bay is famous for having beautiful views and cool air. Two tourist objects can be visited: the bay and the open sea.

The location of the bay is near the vehicle parking area, while the open sea area is approximately 1 km from the bay. To get there, it can only be reached on foot because only footpaths are available.

5. Kletekan Bay

This bay on the island of Java is arguably a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. The reason is that this bay, located in Dampit, Malang Regency, has extraordinary underwater wealth. Even though it’s close to the coast of South Beach, you don’t need to worry because the waves in Kletekan Bay tend to be calmer and safer.

Clear sea water makes it easy for you to enjoy the underwater scenery. In addition, the beautiful environment also makes the air in the bay area free from pollution. Even though the journey to reach this place is quite long, your tiredness will pay off after arriving and witnessing the panorama in Kletekan Bay firsthand.

6. Teluk Pelabuhan Ratu

Teluk Pelabuhan Ratu, better known as Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, is already very famous. This tourist spot is located in West Java, about 60 km south of Sukabumi City; Pelabuhan Ratu is renowned for its ferocious waves, which are hazardous for people who want to swim on the beach.

However, the combination of the steep coast, cliffs, and nature reserve forest makes this area extraordinarily enchanting.

7. Alas, Purwo National Park

Blue Bay, also known as Blue Bay, is a tourist destination in Banyuwangi. Although not as popular as Pantau Bama or Tabuhan Island, Teluk Biru is increasingly in demand by tourists. The reason is that the condition of the sea and the still beautiful environment are the advantages of this place.

Entering the Alas Purwo National Park area, the local community also calls Teluk Biru Senggrong. It can be reached by boat for 2 hours from Muncar; you can enjoy the sunrise in the middle of the sea while visiting.

8. Pangandaran Bay

Who doesn’t know Pangandaran Beach? Yup! Pangandaran Beach is a bay on the south coast of Java Island and is directly adjacent to Central Java Province. Because of its beauty, it is said that there are more than 1.1 million tourists who come to Pangandaran every year. The name Pangandaran itself comes from two syllables, namely food and daran. Pangan means food, while data is defined as migrant soo that it can be interpreted as a source of food for immigrants.

No need to hesitate to stop by this place, because apart from the beauty of the beach, various accommodation facilities are available. In Pangandaran, several tourist objects must be visited, starting from Parigi West Beach, White Sand Beach, East Beach, Cargar Alam, Karang Nini Beach, Batu Hiu, Batu Karas Beach, and Green  Canyon .

9. Ciletuh Bay

Maybe, the name is still so foreign to the ears of the tourists. Bu, this bay in Ciemas District is a shame if you miss it. Ciletuh Bay itself is not the only tourist destination. There is also several destinations worth visiting,,g such as Curug Awang, Middle Waterfall, Puncak Manik Waterfall, Palangpang Beach, Sodong Waterfall, and Ombak 7 Beach. Of the many bays on Java Island and in Indonesia, Ciletuh Bay is one youmusto see the charm first hand.

If today you are still sittfirsthand a desk and are reluctant to go on a trip, maybe the little explanation above can make you change your mind and immediately plan a trip. During the holidays, yes!

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