List of Nature Tourism in Bogor Apart from Interesting Peaks

Tourist attractions in Bogor are synonymous with the Puncak area. It’s just that, extraordinary traffic jams often hit the area. Moreover, if you choose the time to visit during the holiday season.

Instead of spending a lot of time on the road because of traffic jams, you can find other places that are no less interesting in Bogor. Especially natural attractions that offer stunning views.

Tourism in Bogor Besides the Peak that Must Be Visited

Curious, right? The following is a selection of alternative natural attractions besides Puncak that you can visit in Bogor:

1. Thousand Waterfall

The first nature tourism that can be used as an alternative to Puncak is the Seribu Waterfall. The location is in the area of ​​Mount Salak Endah or what is also often referred to as Mount Bunder. This waterfall has a height of up to 100 meters and refreshing natural scenery around it.

The trip to the Thousand Waterfalls is no less enjoyable. You can simultaneously visit several other waterfalls in the vicinity. There are Cigamea Waterfall, Gentong Waterfall, and Ngumpet Waterfall. In addition, there is also a pine forest area with neatly arranged trees. Suitable for hunting Instagramable photos.

2. Loji Eagle Sanctuary

Apart from the Puncak area, natural tourist attractions in Bogor are the Loji Nature Reserve which is located in the Mount Halimun Salak National Park area, Loji Village, Cigombong District. In this place, you can directly see the whereabouts of the eagle more closely.

The eagles were placed in three different types of cages; display cages, rehabilitation cages, and release cages. The display cage is the only cage that tourists can visit. Besides watching eagles, you can also do various other activities here. This includes camping or taking pictures on a unique suspension bridge.

3. Mount Pancar Pine Forest

The next choice of alternative vacation spots in Bogor is the Mount Pancar Pine Forest which is located in the Sentul area. This natural tourist spot is widely known and visited by many tourists from various cities in the country. Moreover, the row of pine trees in this place seems to be able to hypnotize anyone who enjoys its beauty.

Hunting Instagramable photos is a favorite activity for visitors. In addition, some spend their time cycling. In addition, tourists can soak in the hot spring area. If you want, you can also camp in the available area. The facilities at this place are also quite complete, starting from toilets, and parking areas, to food stalls.

You must try Those tourist recommendations in Bogor besides the Puncak area.

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