List of Tourist Attractions in Garut that Must be Explored

When you want to vacation in West Java, what comes to mind? The cool Puncak area in Bogor, the thrilling city of Bandung, or the beauty of Pangandaran Beach and the Green Canyon? Uh, make no mistake. One more place you must explore when visiting West Java: Garut.

Yes, Garut Regency has many tourism potentials that you must explore for their beauty. This city, 75 km from Bandung, is guaranteed to provide an exciting holiday experience in Sundanese land. What can you find in this city nicknamed Swiss van Java?

Here are recommendations for tourist attractions in Garut, West Java, that must be visited.

1. Mount Papandayan

Many people visit Garut to conquer Mount Papandayan, 2,665 meters above sea level. No wonder this active volcano is indeed extraordinary. Mount Papandayan has four craters: Mas Crater, Baru Crater, Nangklak Crater, and Manuk Crater. On the way to the crater, you can find edelweiss fields in Tegal Alun and enjoy mystical views of the dead forest.

Mount Papandayan is a friendly mountain for novice climbers. It only takes about 4 hours to reach the top, making this mountain unmissable for nature lovers. Its beauty doesn’t need to be told here, so you are curious to feel it yourself.

2. Orok Waterfall

Behind Mount Papandayan, to be precise, in Cikandang Village, Cikajang District, 35 km from the center of Garut City, there is a waterfall quite popular among local tourists; its name is Curug Orok. Curug Orok comes from the Sundanese language, which means ‘baby waterfall.’ According to the story of the local people, in the 1960s, a young woman dumped her baby in this waterfall, so this waterfall was named that way.

This waterfall is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Garut. With a tariff of 10 thousand, you can already enjoy the cool water playing at Curug Orok. The facilities are also complete; there is a parking lot, toilets, and a place to eat. You can also enjoy the view of the waterfall while sipping a cup of coffee in the huts around the waterfall.

3. Cikandang River

Don’t claim to be a rafting fan if you miss the Cikandang River during your visit to Garut. This is a paradise among rafting enthusiasts because the current is relatively swift with challenging rapids, plus beautiful views on the banks of the river.

The Cikandang River has a 28 km long track with grade III-IV and quite extreme rapids, capable of pumping your adrenaline to the maximum limit. At least it takes 4-5 hours to cross this river, so make sure you are prepared physically and mentally.

4. Talaga Bodas

Talaga Bodas means ‘White Lake’. As the name implies, the water in the crater lake, located at an altitude of 1,512 meters above sea level, is greenish-white. Located in Sukamenak Village, Wanaraja District, you only need to travel about 1 hour from downtown Garut.

Along the way to the lake, you will be treated to views of the hills, used as fields by residents. You can also see Mount Sadahurip, which is unique because of its pyramid-like shape. While enjoying the panorama of Talaga Bodas, which is sometimes covered in mist, soaking in hot springs sure feels good.

5. Situ Cangkuang

There is something unique in Kampung Pulo, Leles District, Garut; a Hindu temple stands on the edge of Situ Cangkuang. Cangkuang Temple is the only Hindu temple in Tatar Sunda. According to the story, a Mataram warlord named Arif Muhammad fled here when he lost against the Dutch, then fell in love with a Hindu princess in Kampung Pulo. Situ Cangkuang is a condition the princess gives to accept the commander’s proposal. The commander also settled and spread Islam.

To reach Cangkuang Temple, you must cross it with a raft the locals rent. Apart from the temple, seven traditional houses in Kampung Pulo form the letter U around the temple. These houses were never added or subtracted because they symbolize the seven children of the commander-in-chief.

6. Kamojang Crater

Surrounded by several craters, Garut has several hot springs, namely Cipanas, which is popular among tourists as a hot spring tourist attraction. However, another place is less attractive, namely the Kaojang Crater in Samarang District.

Several craters in Kamojang emit steam, which is used as a power plant by PT Pertamina and PT Indonesia Tower. But, not only used as a source of energy, the smoke that comes out of these craters is also suitable for health. Are you curious about how taking a steam bath in the open feels?

Apart from the PLTU, several craters, and open-air hot springs, you can also find various exciting tourist objects in this area, such as Ciharus Lake, Curug Madi, and the Kamojang pine forest.

7. Sanghyang Taraje Waterfall

Sanghyang Taraje Waterfall via

Curug Sanghyang Taraji, or the Twin Waterfall, is located in Kombongan Village, Pakenjeng District. This waterfall is the highest in Garut, with a height of 82 meters. According to legend, this waterfall is where Sangkuriang got the stars for Dayang Sumbi. Meanwhile, the large rock under the waterfall is believed to be where Sangkuriang’s treasure is stored.

Well, that story is just a legend. Even without that, this waterfall still has a stunning panorama that the audience cannot deny. Reaching this place takes a bit of a struggle up and down the hill. But commensurate really with the scenery that lay before the eyes.

8. Santolo Beach and Sayang Heulang

Corner to South Garut has several exciting beaches for you to visit. One of them is Santolo Beach which is located 80 km from the city of Garut. This place is not as famous as Pangandaran Beach in Ciamis, but this beach is no less beautiful.

Long trips with winding paths make this beach not often visited by tourists. But you can enjoy the quiet and expansive beach atmosphere. Near Santolo Beach, there is Sayang Heulang Beach which is just as excellent. This beach is a coral beach that anglers usually visit.

You can cross to Sayang Heulang on Santolo Island by boat from Santolo Beach. There is a crossing bridge to the small island, but it’s a shame it doesn’t work. Satisfied playing on the beach, you can eat fresh seafood caught by local fishermen.

9. Dayeuh Manggung tea plantation

When you want to escape from the monotonous routine, the panoramic view of the expanse of tea plantations can be an effective fatigue reliever. In Garut, you can find this view at the Dayeuh Manggung tea plantation. Located in Sabatan Village, Cilawu District, the idea of the green tea gardens will spoil your eyes and make you feel calm.

In this area, you can do the things you like, such as hiking, picnicking, cycling, or just hunting for photos. If you come here, bringing your lunch is best, because no one sells food and drinks. However, you can easily find several typical Sundanese restaurants on Jalan Raya Cilawu, the entrance to this plantation area.

10. Mount Haruman

Interested in ‘flying’ while looking at the fields and villages’ expanse at the mountain’s foot? Just visit Mount Haruman, located in Haruman Sari Village, Kadungora District. The mountain peak, about 1,300 meters above sea level, is the right place to paraglide.

This place has been famous as a paragliding platform since the 90s. Even though getting to the top is quite tiring, your efforts will pay off when your feet leave the runway and float slowly in the air.

11. Leuweung Sancang

If your adventurous instincts in Garut haven’t been satisfied yet, how about stopping by Leuweung Sancang to explore the nature reserve? Leuweung Sancang is an international standard nature reserve in the form of a natural forest with an area of ​​2,157 ha in the South Garut region. This place is home to various flora and fauna, such as bison, leopards, monkeys, and peacocks.

You won’t find tourism facilities here as a protected nature reserve area. However, the panoramic view of the rainforest will enchant you with its mysterious charm. That said, this forest is where King Siliwangi disappeared. No wonder the local people sacred this place.

12. Sampireun Village

If you are looking for a romantic place to spend time with your partner in Garut, there is a perfect place for you. In Sampireun Village, you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of a typical Sundanese village, complete with lakes and wooden boats. The accompaniment of traditional Sundanese music makes the atmosphere more serene, perfect for those on a honeymoon.

13. Center for souvenirs

You’ve been around several tourist attractions in Garut, and it’s not complete if you haven’t even visited several places in downtown Garut. There is a leather craft center in Sukaregang for those who like leather products. Want to mingle with the daily life of Garut residents? Just hang out with Pengkolan Garut, which is the heart of the activities of Garut residents. Pengkolan Garut includes Jalan Ahmad Yani, Jalan Ciledug, Jalan Cikuray, Jalan Siliwangi, Jalan Pasarbaru, and Jalan Mandalagiri.

If you get hungry in the afternoon, visit Pasar Ceplak on Jalan Siliwangi, which opens at 4 pm. Here, you can find a variety of delicious and inexpensive Garut culinary delights. Before going home, don’t let you not bring anything to the house. Dodol Garut can be a perfect souvenir for them.

14. Garut sheep

The Garut sheep, also known as the Priangan sheep, is an icon and an animal that is the pride of the City of Diamonds. Apart from producing delicious and healthy meat, this high-quality sheep is often used as a fighting sheep because of its muscular body. Maintaining it can not be arbitrary. Apart from being given selected grass, the Garut sheep are also given milk and honey. His physical condition is also checked and treated regularly. Anyway, it’s like dogs and cats in your house! So don’t be shy about taking selfies with this beautiful animal.

How? Garut is exciting to be your next vacation destination, right? So, do you have other exciting tourist attractions in Garut that you can recommend to readers? Just doodle right away in the comments column.

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