Maybe Zoltán Jákob and Betti broke up?

The Big One was on vacation in Dubai, but he didn’t take his partner with him.

Photo: TV2

THE began to speculate that perhaps Zoltán Jákob and Betti had broken up. All of this was based on the fact that Zoltán Jákob made videos during his vacation that did not include Betti.

The 31-year-old mother explained to Bors what happened between them and why she did not appear in the mentioned videos.

“Zoli traveled to Dubai about a week before the last episode of A Nagy Ó was broadcast on TV2. So I couldn’t be there with him for reasons that have already been repeated to the point of boredom. All I could do was have a good laugh at the articles about our breakup, and maybe make a note of it once in response to a comment that there can’t be an end to a relationship that hasn’t actually started yet”

– stated Betti.

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