Microsoft hired fired head of ChatGPT developer | November 20, 2023

The former head of OpenAI, the company that developed the chatbot with artificial intelligence ChatGPT, Sam Altman will move to work at Microsoft. This was announced by the head of the corporation, Satya Nadella, on X (formerly Twitter).

He will lead a new research group on advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence, and former Open AI President Greg Brockman will join the company with him.

Altman was fired on Friday, November 17, by decision of the OpenAI board of directors. They considered that the head of the company “has not always been frank in his interactions with the board, which limits his ability to fulfill his duties.” “The board no longer has confidence in his ability to lead OpenAI,” the statement said.

Investors told the Financial Times that Altman was planning to introduce powerful new artificial intelligence tools, heightening the board’s concerns about the security of those tools. “They argued about how fast they should go. That’s all,” one of the investors told the publication. According to Bloomberg, the dismissal was preceded by businessman’s trip to the Middle East to seek funding for a project codenamed Tigris. He hoped to found a chip company focused on artificial intelligence that could compete with Nvidia.

The decision to resign came as a surprise to OpenAI employees; Altman was popular among them, Business Insider wrote. Several employees decided to resign following his departure as a show of solidarity. OpenAI’s major investors also expressed misunderstanding. According to Axios, Microsoft, which has the largest stake in the company, learned of Altman’s dismissal just minutes before the information was made public.

Microsoft is developing its own chatbot based on artificial intelligence, built into the Bing search engine, and also, together with OpenAI, is developing a neural network for generating images DALL-E.

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