Morgenstern* concerts were banned in the UAE – a day after the publication of his interview on the Sobchak channel


15.11.2023 19:04 writes that the rapper Alisher Morgenstern* is currently located in the UAE, but the government of that country has included him in the list of undesirable persons due to his status as a foreign agent in Russia and violations of local prohibitions and laws. This decision was made a day after the interview was published Ksenia Sobchakin which Morgentstjern* boasted of circumventing Arab restrictions.

The rapper’s scheduled performance at the Billionaire club on November 10 was canceled just hours before it began. According to the Telegram channel, the organizers of the event received a call from the Dubai security service, who informed them about the ban on holding the Morgenstern concert*. Morgenstern himself explained the cancellation of the performance by poor health and published a photo of a thermometer with a temperature of 40.3 degrees.

According to Mash, after the ban, the rapper was left with only the possibility of holding private events in the UAE. Selling tickets and announcing official events became impossible. This information was confirmed by the organizers of his performances.

*Recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation

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