Navracsics guided the chiefs and told them when they should step forward in line: “The state must intervene when the citizen has no other hope.”

According to Tibor Navracsics, a culture of cooperation must be created.

Keeping the results of the last 13 years and customer service, it is necessary to move forward and create a culture of cooperation

– said the Minister of Regional Development at the national meeting of chief Spanish and district registrars on Tuesday in Budapest.

The minister said: with the cooperation of the district offices and the county government offices, they can create not only a customer-friendly public administration, but also a development policy that can successfully reduce the differences between certain areas of the country. He reminded: so far, customer-friendly service has been important, and the citizens have given good feedback about the offices, they are basically satisfied.

Tibor Navracsics recalled that large-scale construction began in 2010, government windows were created, and district offices began operating in 2013.

Ministers János Lázár and Gergely Gulyás continued this work with great skill

he highlighted. He emphasized: at the end of 2023, it can be said that the Hungarian state is fulfilling its constitutional obligations, serving its citizens and the common good.

He put it like this:

the state is the last refuge for citizens, including municipalities. The state must intervene when the citizen has no other hope. Then the public administration, district and government offices come to offer help. There is no greater recognition than that when there is a crisis, the district offices and their leaders step forward and not only represent the state, but also strengthen and preserve the communities

With the government windows, they created a state service system where official compulsion is the last thing, and the task is to help the lives of citizens with empathy. The Hungarian state serves its citizens and the common good, and the mission of the public administration is the same, the minister said.

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