Netanyahu: Israel will complete the operation in Gaza even after a possible ceasefire | November 22, 2023

“I would like to emphasize once again: the war continues and will continue until all our goals are achieved – the destruction Hamasthe return of all our hostages and the creation of a situation in which, after Hamas, the Gaza Strip will no longer pose a threat to Israel and will cease to be a territory in which terror flourishes,” he said.

The head of government also said that US President Joe Biden helped Israel achieve more favorable conditions, thanks to which the Israeli side will be able to obtain a larger number of hostages at this stage. He did not give specific figures. In turn, Biden previously said that the parties are very close to agreements on the release of hostages of the radical Hamas movement, some of them may soon return home.

The American television company NBC previously reported, citing sources, that negotiators from Israel and Hamas had reached preliminary agreements on the release of the hostages, now the authorities of the Jewish state must approve it. According to the broadcaster, the preliminary plan calls for the exchange of 50 women and children held by Hamas for about 150 Palestinian prisoners. The parties may also announce a ceasefire for four to five days and the delivery of fuel to the Gaza Strip.

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