Now Prince Vilmos is putting everything aside, his wife’s recovery is the most important thing for him

It was revealed last week that the Princess of Wales had been diagnosed with cancer following her operation in January.

For weeks, half the world has been speculating where Princess Katalin, who has not been seen in public since her abdominal surgery in January, could have gone. On Friday evening, the Duchess spoke in a video message for the first time since Christmas, announcing that the tests after the operation showed that she had developed cancer.

When everything was fine Photo: Facebook/Kate Middleton

The also cancer patient III. King K├íroly also did not leave a word about what happened after it was revealed that his son’s wife, Princess Katalin, was also struggling with this disease.

An informant has now made a statement, saying:

“Vilmos is extremely proud of his wife for her courage and strength, which she has shown not only this week, but also since her surgery in January. The prince has always done his best to protect his family. Now, perhaps more than ever, he is focused on allowing his wife to recover in complete peace, as well as protecting his children’s privacy.” writes

THE Flash Lipstick pointed out, the Prince of Wales is expected to return to his official duties after Easter, after spending the holidays in Norfolk with Catherine and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Source:, Blikk Lipstick

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