Nuts and grains help increase life expectancy


21.11.2023 10:09

Scientists from the University of Bergen presented the results of a study that states that to live a long life and maintain good health, you should reduce consumption of sausages and sausages, and at the same time increase the share of nuts and whole grains in the diet. This study was published in the PubMed National Library of Medicine database.

In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) has developed a guide to healthy eating called The Eatwell Guide. This guide aims to educate people about the health benefits of eating right. According to the document, it is recommended to consume five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, sugar, fats and salt. Experts also advise giving up sausages, sausages, and sugary carbonated drinks in favor of water, nuts, and whole grains such as bread and cereal.

The researchers sought to find out how following these recommendations affects life expectancy and overall health. They conducted a study involving 467,354 middle-aged volunteers who provided information about their eating habits. After this, information about their health status was collected.

The analysis found that people who consume more processed meats, processed foods and frequently drink sodas have a shorter life expectancy than those who eat healthier diets. Scientists also found a link between long life and consumption of nuts, whole grains, fruits and legumes – foods recommended in The Eatwell Guide. According to researchers, even small changes in eating habits for the better, such as reducing sugar consumption, can increase life expectancy by a year. They also suggest that following all the recommendations can extend life by eight years.

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