One of the most famous representatives of Russian punk rock, Nikolai Kuntsevich, nicknamed Nick Rock ‘n’ Roll, has been hospitalized


21.11.2023 19:07

The 63-year-old artist, whom the media calls the Russian Iggy Pop, was hospitalized in Tver, where he is awaiting surgery. This was announced by Anton Tarasov, Kuntsevich’s concert director. Nikolai is currently undergoing preoperative examination in the neurology department. He was diagnosed with acute cerebrovascular accident.

It is known that at first the musician was brought to the vascular center of the Vyshnevolotsk Central District Hospital, but today he was transferred to the Tver Regional Clinical Hospital.

Nick Rock ‘n’ Roll is known for his theatrical and sometimes shocking performances. Nikolai has recorded more than 20 albums solo and as part of various groups. The performer is considered one of the leading representatives of shock rock and rock performance in Russia. He founded the interregional rock center “White Cat” in Tyumen and is the author of the All-Russian festival of women’s rock vocals “Sirin”. “Night Snipers”, Natalia Medvedeva, Yulia Teunikova, Olga Dzusova, Inna Zhelannaya, Olga Arefieva, “Children of Picasso”, “IndigoDiva” and many other performers who gained popularity both in Russia and abroad appeared on the stage of the latter. Kuntsevich was also the chairman of the jury of the international competition TheGlobalBattleOfTheBands (Russia).

Author Evgeniy Savin

Evgeny Savin is a journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service.

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