“Orbán is in the thick of it, the caretaker of the Graz diliház, Anulu felscúti” – the popular comedian humiliated the Prime Minister of Hungary to the ground

The weekend Fidesz Congress was inspired by András Somogyi’s latest video, in which Viktor Orbán and his moon court receive the bow – for the first time.

In the parody, it is said, what is an election even for if only one candidate (“Baron von Koleszterin”) is running?

“Well, if there are people with such abilities in a party. With such little brain capacity…”

– Szilárd Németh points to Szilárd Németh (“the Shrek of Czepeli, scavenger of the NER”) and Győzike (“certified tax expert”) Somogyi, then, according to him, people are no longer surprised by anything.

The humorist reflects on Orbán’s statement that “we don’t change horses on the go”, saying that the horse no longer gallops but trots, because “even though it is at a cutting weight on the outside, it is completely exhausted on the inside”.

He also reacts to Orbán Somogyi’s sentence in which he described Péter Márki-Zay as someone who outwitted his caretakers and reached the top of the “leftist” list.

“Playing off his nurses? These are strange statements from the chief caretaker of the Graz dili house, Anulu from Felcsúti,” the parody says, accompanied by some imitation of voice and gestures.

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