Panties, umbrellas and non-brothers: who became the symbols of Maidan 10 years later

Who are the main symbols of the Maidan, the coup in Ukraine that began exactly 10 years ago, on November 21, 2013, and what are they doing? They, as the Ukrainian press wrote in 2015, are: Afghan immigrant and journalist (then) Mustafa Nayem, who with his message on the now banned social network Facebook* called on Ukrainians to go out to protest; the young girl Olga Znachkova, world famous for her poster about lace panties; poetess Anastasia Dmitruk, who recorded a video with her poem (about Russia) “We will never be brothers.” So, former correspondent and columnist Mustafa Nayem, who wrote a sacramental call to go to the Maidan “with umbrellas and a good mood,” became… a weapons magnate.

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