Passengers of a derailed train in Komi said they were waiting for help without heat or light

In Komi, people who were on a derailed train sat there for more than ten hours without heating. This was reported by the Baza Telegram channel.

According to passenger Marina from Vorkuta, who was traveling with three children, people waited for help for 12 hours. All this time there was no heating in the cabin, and there was no light inside either. As another passenger said, some lit fires to keep warm. Some people in the carriages placed mattresses under themselves to avoid injury from broken glass.

At about five o’clock in the morning, passengers went to the Ugolnaya station.

“According to Marina, water was brought to the victims there, but it was not given away for free, but for 80 rubles,” the publication reports.

The day before, nine carriages of a passenger train traveling from Vorkuta to Novorossiysk derailed. According to preliminary data, the cause of the incident was the erosion of the railway embankment. There were dozens of people in total, and some of them were seriously injured.

Earlier, three Russians were caught attempting to sabotage a railway.

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