patriotic tours of the Union State

Explore a Shared Heritage: Patriotic Tours of the Union State


03/25/2024 10:13

Representatives of the administration of the Republican Union of Tourism Industry of Belarus expressed the idea of ​​organizing year-round tours to various regions of the Union State with the possibility of including a patriotic component. Head of the organization Philip Gulyiemphasized that the main attention should be paid to the border regions of Russia and Belarus.

Explaining his initiative, expressed at a press conference in Moscow on March 22, the representative of Minsk noted not only the challenge facing this idea, but also new opportunities for the development of tourism products. He suggested focusing on patriotic tours as part of the Union State, noting the long-standing momentum towards a joint project that includes border areas. Guly expressed confidence that such tours should be in commercial demand, and not depend on artificial support, and in the future they can be supplemented with discounts or benefits.

According to the plan of the head of the Belarusian tourism department, a full-fledged tour could begin in Moscow as the most convenient gathering point for tourists from various regions, and then include visits to Smolensk, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Minsk and Polotsk. After this, the route could continue north to the ancient Principality of Pskov and Veliky Novgorod.

Guly also emphasized that such a week-long trip, combining historical sites and diverse landscapes, would offer citizens of both countries an exciting holiday.

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