Péter Magyar: he jumped at Viktor Orbán again – this time the topic is the secret service occupation of editorial offices

The man who entered the political field seems to have now specifically targeted the Prime Minister, and claims that the Prime Minister was scared of him.

Péter Magyar is raising the stakes more and more before tomorrow morning he makes public the evidence proving the involvement of the government, and primarily of Antal Rogán. Recently, the man has been attacking Viktor Orbán most of the timeas he does in one of his recent posts.

Péter Magyar increasingly attacks the Prime Minister Photo: MTI

In it, he asks the Prime Minister to reveal whether the news that

secret service people can be found in the editorial offices of all important domestic – opposition and pro-government – ​​media outlets. If this is true, then why, on whose orders is it?

“These are service people do they “only” collect information about journalists and the work going on in editorial offices, or do they directly influence the content appearing in the media? Is it conceivable that the people of the services in certain cases give classified information to journalists to discredit your political opponents?” Magyar asks his further questions.

Also waiting for an answer to that

How many hundreds of millions of forints of public money have been burned in recent weeks for the unprecedented discrediting campaign related to his person.

He also asks whether Orbán doesn’t think that these defamatory materials, which in his opinion do not contain even a trace of truth apart from the name, are completely counterproductive.

Magyar also stated that the government started the tsunami of discrediting, which is unparalleled at the international level, because the day after the 50,000th event of the Talpra Hungarian Community on March 15, their internal measurements already predicted over 20% the expected vote share of the not yet established party.

Obviously, everything will continue today, although it is hard to believe that Viktor Orbán or any member of his government will give a serious, appreciable answer to the above.

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