Péter Magyar jumped in with Hadházy, but in the meantime he spoke out – In the audio recording to be made public tomorrow, Judit Varga tells how the prosecution and the government work

The independent representative started the debate between the two by posting that Péter Magyar was one of those people who “pocketed a horrible amount of money from the system for zero work and silently watched – in the worst case, helped – the downgrading of democracy, for which the man accused him of lying.

It seems that there is no longer any hope for a serious coalition on the opposition side for a possible change of government.

The parties are grappling with each other, while the two current opposition politicians, who are perhaps the most successful in the fight against power, have started a separate duel with each other.

The discussion was undoubtedly started by Ákos Hadházy THE in his video “some last words about Péter Magyar”. for example, he put it like this: Péter Magyar is one of those people who

“for zero work from the system, pocketing a horrible amount, they silently watched – in worse cases, even helped – the downgrading of democracy”.

Then he continued in an interview with Telexin which Hadházy again expressed his opinion about Péter Magyar. According to the independent representative, Péter Magyar gives people false hope when he promises that Fidesz can be defeated in an election. According to him, it is rather a radical renewal of the opposition, relegating discredited actors to the background and a hybrid revolution can be the recipe for victory.

The representative added: Seeing Magyar’s sudden popularity, he should think about whether it makes sense to continue politics.

The two most well-known people of the opposition just jumped into each other Photo: RTL

However, he stated today he can imagine that someone approached him a week or two before he entered the Hungarian scene that he has serious information about the Rogán–Schadl–Völner case, this someone was Péter Magyar.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t remember his name, but I felt that he might have some important information. I invited the person to my office, but he canceled the meeting a few hours before the meeting on the grounds that he had a fever. I have a hunch that this someone could have been Péter Magyar” Hadházy claimed.

Well, the interview – of course – Magyar did not leave without a word. “Mr. Representative, with all due respect, whoever claims that in a representative “democracy” the ruling power cannot be defeated in one election is not telling the truth” Péter Magyar sent a message to Hadházy on Facebook.

“Do you really think that without an election victory, the propaganda will stop, or the government will change the election rules?!”

– asked Magyar, who thinks that demonstrations are of course also necessary.

“I hope, for example, that after tomorrow people hear how

the former minister of justice tells how the prosecution and the government work, thousands of us will demand the resignation of the chief prosecutor and the government that committed the crime”

– Magyar alluded to the fact that he promised evidence in the Schadl-Völner case on Tuesday. But according to him, if the power does not leave on its own, then they can only distract it through elections.

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