Péter Szijjártó made a claim at the UN – video

The government demands that Hamas release the Hungarian hostages and that the international community do everything possible to release the people abducted from Israel by the terrorist group as soon as possible, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said in New York on Monday.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the head of the ministry emphasized before the meeting of the UN Security Council (UNSC) that our country has three special aspects regarding the conflict that started as a result of the brutal terrorist attack against Israel.

He pointed out that fifteen Hungarian citizens were also trapped in the Gaza Strip, but thanks to the cooperation of Egypt and Israel, everyone who wanted to come was able to get out of them. In this context, he called it important that there should be as few civilian victims of the war as possible.

He also announced that Hamas is detaining five Hungarian citizens. “Therefore, we cannot accept any declaration, decision, or resolution that does not clearly and directly state that all hostages must be released immediately, without delay and without any conditions,” he said.

“We demand that, on the one hand, Hamas release the hostages, and on the other hand, that the international community do everything to free the hostages,” he stated.

Turning to the third special Hungarian aspect, he highlighted the importance of Egypt’s stability, warning that the North African country is one of the main bastions of European security, as Cairo’s role is outstanding in keeping migration pressure at bay.

Péter Szijjártó then reported that he would also meet the leaders of the UN anti-terrorism organization and the Deputy Secretary-General responsible for African relations in New York.

He stated that 275,000 illegal border crossings were prevented in Hungary last year, and more than 170,000 this year, and that the arrivals are apparently becoming more and more violent.

“Unfortunately, this follows directly from the fact that Brussels pursues a migration policy that encourages and inspires migration and that continuously feeds the business model of human trafficking networks. We must put an end to this, because it will have tragic consequences,” he said.

He went on to emphasize that Europe is already under enormous migration pressure from Africa, and this may become unbearable later if nothing is done. According to him, this requires action against terrorism, since it is one of the main causes of migration waves, which is why Hungary is sending two hundred soldiers to Chad in order to preserve the stability of the Sahel region.

In addition, it would be crucial to develop the economy of the region, which is going through a population explosion. “That’s why it’s very important that Europe finally doesn’t want to invite migrants from Africa, but to bring there developments and investments that create jobs,” he declared.

He gave as an example that our country implements developments worth 140 million dollars in the framework of aid loans in Africa, in addition, it conducts social development programs worth 30 million dollars, in 18 countries Christian communities are supported to stay in place, and Hungarian universities accept 1,425 students annually with scholarships.

“Therefore, the effects of the population explosion in Africa can be dealt with for Europe as well, if we bring developments, investments and job creation there, and in addition act against terrorism, and Brussels leaves behind its policy of encouraging migration. This is a prerequisite for European security for the next period” – summarized.

In the end, the minister also touched on the fact that Hungarian foreign policy is highly regarded and respected on the stage of world politics, especially because the government pursues an honest and sovereign policy.

“So everyone can know for sure about Hungarian foreign policy that its rules are written in Budapest, its decisions are made in Budapest, not dictated from somewhere else. We don’t look at ourselves through someone else’s glasses, from another point of view, but we look at world affairs from our own point of view,” he said.

“And this sovereign Hungarian foreign policy is indeed appreciated here in New York, it is appreciated in the UN, it is appreciated on the world political stage,” he added.

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