Poisoning in a kindergarten – this time from the fruit of the purple acacia

The kindergarten teachers immediately called an ambulance, who examined three children and took two to the hospital.

On Wednesday, six kindergarteners in Pilisborojenő ate the fruits of the purple acacia, which made them sick and vomited.

According to RTL Híradó’s report, the children got better by Thursday, but the mayor is initiating a disciplinary investigation to find out how a poisonous plant could have come near the children.

Illustration: pixabay

This was not the first case recently, as at the end of February, instead of powdered sugar, cleaning agents were added to the breakfast of the Kindergarteners in Pilisborojenő. Several children became sick, some experienced stomachaches and vomiting after eating breakfast. One of the children was so sick that the staff had to call an ambulance.

According to the municipality, the extension of the kindergarten with three group rooms and the modernization of the kitchen may have contributed to the previous incident, which is why the kitchen does not work in all buildings.

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