Preparations for the heating season have been completed in the Moscow region | September 27, 2023

“We have, indeed, completed the preparations, we plan this every year and complete it on September 15, this is such a starting point, as a rule, then we begin to release heat to social facilities. Preparations begin in May, an order, a government decree is issued and, accordingly, with this decree we are preparing the facilities. This is the housing stock, these are boiler houses, heating networks, water supply networks, sewerage networks, electrical, gas pipelines and, accordingly, we are forming new fuel reserves for the heating period,” Samarin noted during the press conference.

The minister also spoke about the range of activities carried out in the region in preparation for the winter period. These include flushing boilers, heating networks and hydraulic testing.

“The main thing is heat sources, this is flushing boilers, this is flushing heating networks, this is what affects the quality of hot water so that it does not become red in winter. This is the pressure testing of these systems, which reveals weak points: during pressure testing, there is an increase in pressure, that is, some technological holes open up, and we eliminate these violations. This is the creation of a fuel reserve, this is the modernization of some boiler houses, somewhere we are carrying out energy efficient measures,” added Samarin.

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