Princes William and Harry staged an information war against each other

Harry and Meghan held hands, posed for photographers, performed on stage in front of the military - a complete idyll

Harry and Meghan held hands, posed for photographers, performed on stage in front of the military – a complete idyll


In recent years, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have appeared in public exclusively with lean faces. With their entire appearance they emphasize that they are victims of deception and intrigue of the English crown. Rumors about an impending divorce in the Sussex family added drama. But either Harry and Meghan once again created a fog to attract attention to themselves, or life in Hollywood was not in vain and the couple developed acting skills, but in Dusseldorf, where the prince and his wife arrived for the games of military veterans, they looked again happy.

Harry and Meghan held hands, posed for photographers, performed on stage in front of the military – a complete idyll. At the same time, despite the fact that Prince Harry, after his abdication, has only a formal relationship with the British monarchy, he decided to hold meetings with NATO generals and their families. According to royal experts, Harry thus decided to reduce the importance of Prince William’s visit to the UN General Assembly next week.

As a long-term friend of the prince noted, many of Harry’s acquaintances were glad to see him in action, since he always wanted to “help people, influence the situation.”

“If Harry again has a goal in life that will make him think twice before attacking Charles,” added a source close to Charles III.

However, the American press is confident that Prince William is not happy that his brother has again come out into the world and is claiming to perform royal duties, which he voluntarily abandoned. Therefore, as reporters state, the squabbling between the brothers continues.

For example, a week ago, the appearance of Prince Harry in St. George’s Chapel, where he came in connection with the anniversary of the death of Elizabeth II, overshadowed the official service at St. David’s Cathedral, which was attended by William and his family. Then the older brother outdid the younger brother by presenting an hour-long interview with Kate Middleton for a popular sports podcast.

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton


Kate’s publicity has also increased recently. She visited a men’s prison, but the attention of British reporters was more focused on her bandaged finger, which she injured while trampolining with children.

Literally at the same time, the brothers’ PR people posted photographs of them: Harry and Meghan from a meeting with NATO generals, and Prince William and Kate with their children at a forest eco-school.

American reporters’ speculations about Prince William’s pettiness are debunked by his friend. He stated that the heir is above petty dirty tricks and will not deliberately spoil an important moment for his brother by interrupting the agenda. The release of the sports podcast was timed to coincide with the start of the Rugby World Cup, which began on the same day as the military veterans’ games.

“The reality is that William can snap his fingers and organize a fireside chat at Windsor Castle to influence his affairs.” Harry can no longer do this, but it is an inevitable consequence of his decision to leave the royal family. William is the heir to the throne, and Harry is simply a private citizen who does not have such access. This is what he wanted,” Prince William’s friend summed up.

The British media, in turn, are speculating that in the future those events that Harry will attend may lose support from the British crown. But those close to the Windsors deny that this is possible.

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