Psychologist speaks out about marriage without sex

Marriage without sex is the norm, provided that the husband and wife are happy with everything, says clinical psychologist Mark Krasnoshchekov. He spoke about this format of relations in a conversation with

According to Krasnoshchekov, people have different needs, including when it comes to sex: some need it often, while others are content with rare moments of intimacy. “Some people love little and quickly, while others, on the contrary, love gently and for a long time. Some people prefer to have sex at home in the dark, while others don’t want to hide their passion,” the psychologist explained.

The interlocutor urged partners not to attach importance to the frequency of sexual intercourse if they are both satisfied with everything.

It’s another matter if one wants sex, but the other doesn’t need it. In such a situation, of course, one must be able to listen to each other and find a compromise. If it is difficult to find a common solution, you should involve specialists: a family psychologist, a sexologist. There is a way out of any situation, and sometimes even more than one!

Mark Krasnoshchekov

In conclusion, Krasnoshchekov noted that the main thing in any relationship is communication and the ability to negotiate and find common ground. This, in his opinion, is the main condition for a long and harmonious relationship.

Previously, psychologist Ekaterina Bataeva gave advice women whose husbands correspond and flirt with other ladies. She called for a pause and not to sort things out based on emotions.

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